Previous Workshops

10-11 May 2012, Baltimore, MD, USA
Potential use of biomarkers of inflammation and of early immunological events to assess vaccine safety.
Organized by IABS as a satellite meeting to the 15th NFID Annual Conference on Vaccine Research

This meeting brought together experts from the biological industry, academia and regulatory agencies to review the possibility of introducing new selected biomarkers in the assessment of vaccine safety at pre-clinical and early clinical stages (inflammation and early immunological events). The goal of the meeting was to facilitate the integration of recent scientific advances into vaccine regulatory processes.

25-28 March, 2012, Wilmington, Delaware, USA      
New Cells, New Vaccines VI: Target to Market
An international conference organized by the IABS and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology

New Cells, New Vaccines VI, the latest conference in a series that began in 2005, will be of interest to scientists in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries involved in vaccine development and production, as well as academics, regulatory and public health authorities, and medical and veterinary experts. The venue and the meeting provide a perfect opportunity to interact with colleagues from industry, academia and regulatory agencies to exchange views and ideas and explore potential collaboration.

19-20 May 2011, Baltimore, MD, USA       
Adventitious Agents, New Technology, and Risk Assessment
Organized by IABS as a satellite meeting to the 14th NFID Annual Conference on Vaccine Research

The goal of this workshop was to review traditional and new technology for the detection of microbial agents; to consider how progress in microbial agent detection can assist in ensuring the safety of starting materials and final products; and to consider how risk assessment can help to address safety issues.

27-28 April 2011, Barcelona, Spain
Post Licensure Evaluation of Vaccine Safety: Current Status and Future Directions
The overall focus of the workshop was to review the state of the art with regard to post-licensure studies aimed at the evaluation of vaccine safety.

1-3 December 2010, Langen, Germany

Potency Testing of Vaccines: The Way from in vivo to in vitro
Conference organized by Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in partnership with IABS and EDQM

The purpose of the meeting was to present the current scientific status on the development and
application of 3R alternatives (replacement, reduction, refinement) to the in vivo potency
testing of vaccines for veterinary use to and by manufacturers, researchers, regulators and

April 29-30, 2010, Bethesda, MD, USA

“Mode of Action of Adjuvants - Implications for vaccine safety and design”

The workshop aimed at reviewing the present knowledge on Mode of Action (MoA) of Adjuvants, evaluate how progress in the “adjuvant science” can help define appropriate vaccine design, and evaluate how understanding of adjuvants MoA can help to address safety issues.